@mnnickerson and I are getting cable! It's a momentous occasion.
  1. Modern family
    Because Sofia Vergara, amirite?
  2. New girl
    Admittedly this is more Mike's show than mine so 100% dedication to every episode from me, nah, not really; at least a few good chuckles, guaranteed.
  3. Scream queens
    A Ryan Murphy creation starring Emma Roberts and Nick Jonas, need I say more.
  4. American horror story
    V sad my supreme, Jessica Lange, has taken her final bow from this show and TBH last season was pretty rough, BUT with the promise of Matt Bomer and Stefani Germanotta (DBA Lady Gaga) I'm still hooked.
  5. Grammys, Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes
    Because the results are going to blow up my social media any way so why not get the news firsthand
    Because I know I live in a bubble and I know these news sources still have their biases but at the same time I gotta try to be more informed
  7. How to get away with murder
    Primarily so I can get more Viola Davis and Jack Falahee in my life 💕
  8. Saturday Night Live
    Gone is the golden age of Kristen Wiig (with whom I have a very close connection #BrightonHighPride *hair swipe*) Bill Hader, and Maya Rudolph, but I'll still tune in hoping for a laugh.
  9. Superbowl
    Because sports! Lol jk, way more excited for the half time show, ads, and the slight chance of a nip slip
  10. I'm sure there are more, so send me some suggestions list people!