1. Parent wake up time
    6am. Everyday. No excuses.
  2. Morning prayer 🙏
    Together :)
  3. Quick scripture together
    Trade days choosing
  4. Parents get ready for walk
    Brush teeth and wash faces
  5. Wake up time for girls
  6. Change diapers
    And outfits
  7. Family walk with Kyle
    Around neighborhood
  8. Family breakfast
    Eggs and fruit with milk
  9. Dishes
  10. Get ready to drive to work
    Both of us get time
  11. Drive to work
    Be safe and don't let Hattie sleep
  12. Hattie first nap
    10am-12pm or earlier
  13. Lucy lunch time
    Protein and veggies with juice
  14. One on one Lucy time
    Learning projects
  15. Lucy nap / Independent play time
    No later than 12pm-2pm (2 hour max)
  16. One on one time with Hattie.
    (If Lucy naps)
  17. Outside play (if both are awake)
    Park or backyard
  18. Hattie second nap
    2pm-3pm (1.5 hour max)
  19. Dinner time 5:30pm
    Protein and choice of veggie or fruit with milk
  20. Dishes
    And play with girls
  21. Bath time🛀
    6:15pm (both girls)
  22. Lucy bed time
    7pm (before Hattie goes down)
  23. Hattie bed time
    7:15pm (while Lucy settles in)
  24. Parents to bed😍