A few tried and true ways to make real friends that really like you
  1. Take the first step
    There are people every where that would love to get to know you. You offer something outstanding! But often friendships aren't built because someone won't take the first step. Introduce yourself. Be open and available to meet new people.
  2. Listen more than you talk
    Mama always said, "God gave ya two ears and only one mouth; so keep your trap shut and listen." People like a listener because they have a story and they want to share it with someone. Be the audience, be captivated, and when the time comes you will find that people will want to hear your life's narrative.
  3. Share your resources
    Sharing doesn't get easier as you get older, but it does still provide an avenue to show people you care. Bake cookies, give to charities, lend people power tools or clothes or books. Share what you have, whatever it may be.
  4. Invite people over to share a meal
    The most real and exposed part of meaningful friendship is invitation into your home. Messy or not, opening your home to a friend to eat might be the most revealingly authentic step you can take into friendship.
  5. These four steps have opened up worlds of friendship I never thought I'd have. Friends with every race and age and socioeconomic background you can imagine have come from implementing the four steps above into my relationship routine. What would you add?