This list needs little introduction. Here is the actual shortlist and winner for the Oxford Dictionary word of the year.
  1. sharing economy
    Started off strong here, an Internet updated version of an older concept. Two good words, they look good together, I buy it.
  2. they
    As in "they" went just to the men's room instead of the women's restroom....which I did not see coming.
  3. on fleek
    If you don't know what this means, I'm jealous of you, non-millenial.
  4. ad blocker
    A very necessary part of the Internet. Obviously not very popular amongst the Oxford Dictionary ad department.
  5. refugee
    A serious word that reflects the global conversation as of late. Weird that this is just coming up now considering the I don't know, ridiculous length of time refugees have been a global issue. Also, if you don't know this word you are stupid, please find a dictionary.
  6. Brexit
    This is a word to describe the UK's potential exit from the EU. Strange choice, Oxford Dictionary.
  7. Dark Web
    It's as ominous as it sounds, the Dark Web is serious business. Not sure it needs the promo. Good call tucking this one away.
  8. lumbersexual
    No comment.
    The end is nigh.