Requested by @BWN_7
I fee like nothing I say here hasn't all ready been said...
  1. Scrolling all the way through my list app news feed
    I don't want to miss anything
  2. My slow talking co-worker's sentences
    If I jump in and finish the sentence, maybe we'll conclude our business a little faster.
  3. Books for book club
    Most of the time
  4. Laundry
    Once I've started it.
  5. Making my way through the entire Hamilton soundtrack
    I just started listening to it on Sunday I am LOVING it, but it is LONG and I want to stare at the lyrics while I listen. I can't listen and do other things.
  6. A bottle of wine
    It just seems pointless to not finish it
  7. To-do lists
    Nothing gives me more satisfaction.
  8. Mowing and edging the grass.
    To leave this half finished would be an abomination.
  9. Any show I start watching on Netflix
    This is why I prefer shows with less episodes available for a lower commitment level.
  10. Anything, once I've determined it needs to be done.
    Changing my mind is not something at which I excel.