My sister is an unparalleled creative & crafty person. One of the impressive ways she puts her talents to use is kid birthday parties. Today, for her youngest, she turned her house into a winter wonderland. (She throws only one elaborate party per year. Last year: A HARRY POTTER PARTY LIKE NO OTHER )
  1. The cake
  2. The gates to Arendelle castle, which she made big enough for six year olds to crawl inside and out of cardboard.
  3. The decorations
    And NBD, that blonde braid on the left is just the wig she made for her daughter's Elsa Halloween costume.
  4. Each girl got a handmade Elsa cape.
  5. And she hand painted these milk jugs with the characters so we could use them as bowling pins for a game of lawn bowling.
  6. Activities included: 1. Decorating your own crown:
  7. Mine turned out fabulous.
  8. 2. Making your own snowflake necklace.
  9. 3. Turning our friends into snowmen.
  10. 4. And a snowball fight (not pictured)