Because before List App, there was Notes.
  1. Groceries needed
  2. Movies I've seen in the theatre, listed chronologically by year since 2013
  3. Tv shows I've binge watched, listed chronologically by year since 2014
  4. Books and DVDs I have out on loan to friends and who has them.
  5. Books read by my book club since its inception in 2012
  6. A list of who I sent Christmas cards to this year (my first year ever sending cards)
  7. A list of tv shows that are currently airing that I watch
  8. Ways my friend @tcdavis1 and I are alike
  9. TV shows I plan to binge watch someday when I have time
  10. Halloween costume ideas
  11. Lessons I've learned from the many times I've tried to lose weight in the past
  12. Funny memories from my trip to Atlanta last February with @Cara_duhh and @tcdavis1
  13. Mingling questions for youth group games
  14. Favorite quotes from the Mindy Project
    I thought this was a great idea, keeping a list, but then promptly forgot to add to it after one episode. It's pretty short.
  15. Favorite quotes from books I'm reading
    Has the same problem where I forget to add to it.
  16. Trips I've taken since 2013
  17. A list of things I like about myself
  18. Letters I've written and to whom, since 2013
  19. Top Fives
    Movies, food, tv shows (current and all time), pet peeves
  20. Reasons to lose weight
    Which was later published for all the world to see here: REASONS I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT (AND NEVER FIND IT AGAIN)
  21. Memories made in the car I drove from 2006 to 2013
  22. A short poem about my friend Sam, written in honor of his birthday in 2013
  23. Favorite quotes from the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
  24. A list of my favorite things about my friend Abby written in honor of her birthday in 2013
  25. A list of my favorite things about my BFF @amieshmamie written in honor of her birthday 2012