Creative writing is not normally my thing, but this just kind of came to me fully formed so I thought I'd put it out there.
  1. After being hurt for the last time, she said "Enough of this!" and set out on a journey.
  2. It was a cloudy day. She didn't know where she was going, but she headed east.
  3. She walked a long way. She encountered lots of people, so she kept going.
  4. She got to the sea, but decided she was not far enough away from the people, so she crossed a narrow bridge to an island.
  5. There were no people on the island, so she decided to make the island her home.
  6. She liked living alone on the island. Because it was her choice, it was empowering.
  7. Just to be safe, she decided to burn the bridge so that no one could come to her island.
  8. But someone came to the shore opposite her island and called out to her.
  9. She called back in a friendly way, but decided it was too close.
  10. So she built a tall tower on the island and climbed to the top, walling off the entrance so that no one could follow.
  11. There she lived the rest of her days. Looking out the window at the land and at the sea, alone with her thoughts.
  12. Most days she was happy to be by herself, living by the sea, safe from those who could hurt her.
  13. Some days she missed the people and wondered if she had made the right decisions that led her to set out on her journey, to walk so far, to cross the bridge, to burn the bridge, to build the tower, to live by herself.
  14. On the sad days, she would cry to herself just a little and wait for the happy days to return. It was easier than leaving the tower, swimming back to shore and walking home.
  15. Besides, she was safe there. No one could hurt her alone in her tower.