Earlier today, I was getting a little down because of the size of my tremendous tuckus, my prodigious patootie, if you will. I was mentally writing a list about "big butt" problems, when I realized I could give my rear an alliterative name with almost every letter of the alphabet. Just some alphabetical fun at the expense of my own behind.
  1. Ample arse
  2. Big bootie
  3. Curvaceous caboose
  4. Delicious derrière
  5. Elephantine exterior
  6. Fabulous fanny
  7. Glorious glutes
  8. Hefty haunches
  9. Immense intestinal intersectional
  10. Jumbo junk in the trunk
  11. King-size keister
  12. Liberal lumps
  13. Mammoth moneymaker
  14. Nice netherregion
  15. Omnipresent onion
  16. Plentiful posterior
  17. Quixotic queen
  18. Roomy rump
  19. Stupendous seat
  20. Tremendous tushy
  21. Undeniable upper thigh
  22. Voluminous vadonkadonk
  23. Whopping wazoo
  24. X, Y, Z
    Not gonna happen. Sorry.