Hard to rank when you're comparing new works against covers against songs that were cut from the original. So much to consider.
  1. You'll Be Back
    I hate Jimmy Fallon's intro, and I hate him trying to be funny with the song. The Beatles vibe is fun, but I still skip it.
  2. History Has Its Eyes on You
    Too gospel-y? Just not a fan at all. Also typically skip this one.
  3. Take a Break
    Just don't really get the point of it
  4. Stay Alive (Interlude)
    Like Take a Break, there's just not much too it.
  5. That Would Be Enough
    Nice. Pretty. Very similar most of the time to the original which isn't one of my favorites either. The part where it gets creative and varies a bit I don't love either.
  6. Valley Forge
    It's fine but all of the best lines survived this song being cut and made it into Stay Alive in the final musical so it's unnecessary.
  7. Washingtons By Your Side
    Ehh. Maybe I need to listen to it more? I don't have a lot to say about it.
  8. No John Trumbull
    Interesting. Short. I learned something when I had to Google who John Trumbull was. Also saw Lin tweet that it was originally going to introduce a Cabinet Battle but that it became unnecessary because once the mics come out it's pretty obvious what's going down.
  9. Wait for It
    It's good. It just not nearly as good as the original, which I love.
  10. Say Yes to This
    Like the concept (Say No to This from Mariah's perspective). A little too much but still great overall.
  11. Burn
    I really like this version, but I've never really loved the original that much. It's like the opposite of how I feel about Wait for it.
  12. It's Quiet Uptown
    Kelly Clarkson does a great job but it's nothing special. I read that she didn't know anything about Hamilton when she was asked to sing on the Mixtape. I try really hard not to hold that against her.
  13. Who Tells Your Story
    Don't love the refrain by Ingrid Michaelson, but I like the raps. I think the whole track will grow on me over time.
  14. An Open Letter
    It's so quick! It's insulting! It's almost like a one-sided Cabinet Battle.
  15. Cabinet Battle #3
    I love a good cabinet battle. Wish this one was a little more produced and a little less demo-y.
  16. Helpless
    Love Ashanti and Ja Rule singing together.
  17. Satisfied
    Love the original song and love this remake. Sia and Queen Latifah are perfect.
  18. Dear Theodosia (Chance the Rapper version)
    Something about a man singing so sweetly about his baby is just heartwarming.
  19. Dear Theodosia (Regina Spektor version)
    It's hard to decide which version of Dear Theodosia is better, but I think this one just barely wins out.
  20. Congratulations
    Another song for my fav Angelica? One where she's dressing down Alexander for screwing up? Bring it on.
  21. Wrote My Way Out
    Love Lin's verse.
  22. My Shot
    Love it.
  23. Immigrants
    Love it so much. Love the sampling of the original. Love the girl rapper and the Spanish rapping the most.