2. I do not mind being alone.
  3. Most of the time I prefer it.
  4. I feel sorry for people who can't easily be alone.
  5. Being alone does not mean I am lonely.
  6. Being alone does mean that I decide how to spend my money, what to watch on tv, what and when to eat, etc.
  7. I like being in charge of my own decisions, however small or large, and not having to consider the opinions or feelings of others.
  9. I do not like feeling lonely.
  10. Most of the time I am not lonely.
  11. I assume that other people feel sorry for me, assuming that I am lonely because I am alone.
  12. I hate that thought.
  13. But every once in awhile, loneliness does strike.
  14. Sometimes it comes because I try to make plans with someone, and they can't make it, even when it is for completely valid and legitimate reasons.
  15. Sometimes it comes when I'm around happy, physically affectionate couples.
  16. Sometimes, I'm sure it's just hormonal.
  17. It is always unexpected.
  18. On those lonely days I dream of making big changes to my life: new car, new job, new city. Anything to chase away the loneliness.
  19. Usually the loneliness passes before I act on these dreams.