I should know. As an unmarried, younger sister, I often get stuck with the not-so-great places to sleep.
  1. The guest queen-sized bed
    This is a dream. Let it go. Your parents will sleep there and you'll be happy about it.
  2. The pull-down Murphy bed in the man-cave basement.
    It's private, quiet and spacious down there.The bed is comfortable but also really cool. (It comes out of the wall and your brother built it himself!) You have your own bathroom and a well-stocked bar. Your goal is to score this prime sleeping space.
  3. The trundle bed under your niece's twin.
    It's cramped. You have to sneak in after she's asleep and try to find your getting-ready-for-bed stuff without waking her. Also, she gets up with the sun.
  4. The couch.
    Everyone in this family rises at dawn, and if you're sleeping on the couch in the living room, you will too. Unless you can drown out the sounds of Jake and the Neverland Pirates by covering your head in extra pillows.
  5. The floor of the basement.
    It's hard as hell and cold too. Plus you have to stare at your sister, in the Murphy Bed that should've been yours, all night.