Books Read in April 2017

  1. Heartless
    Sadly, I did not love it as much as I did her Cinder Chronicles. I think maybe because it was set in the Alice in Wonderland world? Or maybe I just wasn't a big fan of the characters? Still worth the read if you're a Marissa Meyer fan.
  2. Good in Bed
    I've read this book many times, but not in a long time. I think in the between time I've become a different person. Cannie was once a hero of mine, and while I still admire her courage and wit, I see now that we are different people who want different things. Thanks to @nikkilounoel for including it in a care package last year.
  3. My Not-So Perfect Life
    Classic Sophie Kinsella book. An easy read that was fully predictable but fun. The definition of Chick Lit.
  4. Fight Club
    I read this solely because of @pili_ervin 's love of the book. I'm glad I did. I went into it knowing the twist but not much else about it. It was so inventive and different from most novels I read, yet the core of it felt very real.