I've devoted the past month of my life to Parenthood and the amazing Braverman family.
  1. Amber and Drew
    I get the sense that they are so close because of their not great childhood. I love how Drew decided to major in economics so he could make money to take care of Amber. And how he turns to Amber with all of his girl problems. When they take Victor and Sydney roller skating to help them through their parents divorce, I was like 😭.
  2. Max and Hank
    Damn, if Hank relating to this kid with Asperger's and learning things about himself in the process wasn't my favorite part of the show. Plus, introducing Max to photography helped him in such a great, specific way. They are best friends even if it is unconventional and no one can tell them any different.
  3. Sarah and Amber
    Their relationship wasn't always easy, but I loved how when they clashed it was because they were so damn alike. You get the idea that even though they were mother and daughter, they kind of grew up together.
  4. Crosby and Adam
    Brothers. Brothers who fight, who wrestle, who slide down staircases like they are bobsledders. Adam helped Crosby grow up. Crosby helped Adam loosen up.
  5. Zeek and Victor OR Zeek and Drew
    Zeek was a great grandad to all, but especially to these two fatherless boys. Teaching Victor to read while fixing the car together or getting Drew to bust him loose from the house when he couldn't drive any more, he showed his love so well. He saw them when they felt invisible.