Requested by Amie


  1. Rosy the Red Ranger (1997-2006)
    I was obsessed with buying a truck when I was 17 and worked at a Ford Dealership. Rosy was both extremely practical (for moving back and forth to college) and extremely impractical (from age 17-22 I was one of the few people in my friend group who had a car, and it couldn't haul many people). My best memory of Rosy is when my BFF Brandon and I rode around dueting on "Barbie Girl". Or the story of my first ticket is a good one too.
  2. Georjetta (2006-2013)
    I have a whole list of memories with Georgetta in my phone. Maybe I'll post them someday. For now, my top memory is pictured, above. The time I parked her like a glove next to this concrete pole without scraping the pole. Happened at my friend @tcdavis1 's apartment building while @amieshmamie cheered and @Cara_duhh cringed.
  3. Rhonda the Honda (2013-present)
    My favorite memory is when I drove her from South Carolina to Illinois to see my grandma last summer. First time I've driven the whole way by myself, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could. @stookie rode shot gun and slept the whole way.