It's probably not considered cool to like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, or Chicago Med, but I sure as shit do. Riveting television. My guilty pleasures.
  1. Chicago Med
    I've never been a big fan of doctor shows after ER set the bar for the genre so high. Plus I find it weird that the psychiatrist just wanders through the ER giving helpful advice and moral support to the docs. I think it's just because he's considered wise because he's 20 years older than anyone else who works there. This show is still finding its footing, but it's worth watching.
  2. Chicago PD
    Even if the crimes they're solving are sometimes not fully interesting to me, at least this show's got great characters. Sophia Bush is awesome as Lindsey. Halstead is hot. I love Antonio, Ruzek and Burgess. Olinsky never gets enough screen time. The only character I'm not crazy about is Voight. I just can't forgive him for when he first appeared on Chicago Fire and threatened Lt Casey. No one messes with Casey.
  3. Chicago Fire
    I'm not sure I can explain how much I love this show. It makes me cry every week. It's dripping with bravery and heroism. The characters are hardworking regular guys and gals (regular, that is, except much better looking than most of humanity) who put their lives at risk for strangers every day. And the situations they have to problem solve in order to save lives? Unbelievable.