And it's the Muppet Babies fault. Inspired by @kcupcaker
  1. In 1984, a groundbreaking television show debuted: Muppet Babies.
  2. In one episode, baby Kermit can't decide what he wants to be when he grows up.
  3. His friends try to help him by telling him about their future careers.
    i.e. Fozzie wants to a comedian, Piggy wants to be an actress, Gonzo wants to be a dinosaur doctor.
  4. They also suggest other cool careers for him like fireman, Olympic jumper, etc.
  5. He decides to be a taxi driver instead.
  6. The other muppet babies think he picked the wrong career. They say being a taxi driver is boring and ordinary. Piggy is upset that he won't make any money.
  7. He proves them wrong. They all climb on the couch and use their imagination. Suddenly they're in a taxi and Kermit is driving!
  8. Just when they all think they were right and this is the most boring job ever, a spaceman gets in the taxi and asks Kermit to drive him to the moon!
  9. Kermit does and the spaceman gets out. Kermit takes a look at the meter and requests $250,000 for the fare!
  10. The spaceman gives him piles of cash!
  11. Then he picks up ET to return home for his next fare!
  12. So as a 4-year-old, I decided if being a taxi driver was good enough for Kermit, it was good enough for me.
    It seemed to be a very exciting and lucrative career choice.
  13. My mom was so embarrassed when I told people that I wanted to be a taxi driver, which must've been the reason I eventually abandoned my dream.
  14. You can watch the episode for yourself here!