Bonus: And her adorable daughters!
  1. We're lucky to catch @k8zinker and fam in the middle of a massive road trip!
  2. When: Sunday, June 18, 6:30 pm
    (Also known as Father's Day)
  3. Where: Spartanburg, South Carolina
  4. Who's confirmed to be there: @justjills @amieshmamie @kate81 @k8zinker
  5. Who we hope will join us: Anyone willing to travel to Spartanburg to meet some listers on a Sunday night!
    But just off of the top of my head, some Carolinas listers I'm thinking of: @kaydbug89 @jhope71 @elmospimpingme @ShawnKelly Awww, heck, we wouldn't say no if any Georgia listers wanted to make the drive!
  6. I'm sure I've left off some Carolinas Listers! Tag them for me, please!
  7. Giphy
    Added because gifs help lists get seen....