At least the ones I can remember.
  1. Bryan Adams
    My first. I remember being so impressed that I could see the craters in his face when he came out for a song on the satellite stage near our seats.
  2. Long Stem Daisies
    A local band that didn't last long, but I still listen to their music.
  3. Jump Little Children
    This regional band was big in the late 90s. Everyone had seen them at least once.
  4. Aerosmith
    I claimed to be a fan to impress a boy. I haven't seen him in 18 years, but that concert we went to made me an Aerosmith fan for life.
  5. Spice Girls
    My mom made me take my little sister.
  6. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    Free tickets. All I really remember is the sea of cowboy hats walking into the arena.
  7. Dixie Chicks
    At least four times, that I can remember, over the course of 18 years
  8. George Strait
    They were giving away 8x10 glossies of him. I signed one to my roommate who was a huge George Strait fan "To Glenda, Love, George Strait" and gave it to her. I thought she'd instantly recognize my handwriting but instead she thought I had met him and gotten this signed for her. I felt so bad when I had to tell her the truth, and she was seriously mad at me for awhile.
  9. Sequoyah Prep School
    Another SC band that I love.
  10. Zac Brown Band
    Went with my boss and another co-worker before ZBB got big.
  11. Many, many Christian bands circa 2005-2010 at conferences and retreats.
    The only names that are coming to mind are David Crowder Band, Shane and Shane, Jeremy Camp.
  12. Brandi Carlile
    She opened for Vienna Teng once, but I bought her cd and loved it.
  13. Vienna Teng
    Too many times to times that I can remember. I wish she still toured.
  14. Taylor Swift
    Thanks to the generosity of @Cara_duhh I went for free. She was still in high school, and I was the adult chaperone.
  15. Billy Joel and Elton John impersonators
    It was cheap?
  16. Kacey Musgraves
    A great show I went to earlier this year.