Please don't judge me during this difficult time.
  1. Every morning, toward the fridge I stumble,
  2. If you try to talk to me, I'll only mumble.
  3. An icy Diet Coke is the elixir I need
  4. (Not coffee or tea, which is a vile weed).
  5. The pop of a can is my favorite sound.
  6. Quickly followed by the fizz, I have found.
  7. That first sip is refreshing, damn!
  8. Any other brown soda is a sham.
  9. Despite the daily joys it brings me,
  10. Kicking the Diet Coke habit would be
  11. The best thing for me. You see,
  12. I have no chill when it comes to this drink.
  13. It gives me headaches; I know there's a link.
  14. The quantities in which I consume it
  15. Are not fit for humans, not one bit.
  16. Plus, it would probably save me some dollars,
  17. And drinking more water would be so baller
  18. So at week's end, for the millionth time,
  19. I'll try to go cold turkey, reclaim what's mine,
  20. My independence from controlling Diet Coke.
  21. Habits like this ain't healthy, folk,
  22. Even if it tastes like heaven's dew.
  23. Diet Coke, I just have to quit you.
  24. Giphy
    Thanks for the memories.