As a teenager I, too, longed for wide open spaces and a cowboy to take me away. I'm thrilled to hear they're touring again in 2016 after a decade off, and I made this list to celebrate.
  1. Wide Open Spaces
  2. Goodbye Earl
  3. I Can Love You Better
  4. There's Your Trouble
  5. Cowboy Take Me Away
  6. Ready to Run
  7. More Love
  8. Taking the Long Way Around
  9. Travelin' Soldier
  10. Sin Wagon
  11. Some Days You Gotta Dance
  12. Once You've Loved Somebody
  13. Landslide
  14. Long Time Gone
  15. Tonight the Heartache's on Me
  16. I'll Take Care of You
  17. You Were Mine
  18. I Believe in Love
  19. Top of the World
  20. Am I the Only One
  21. Not Ready to Make Nice