Inspired by @mbmurray23
  1. Don't ask me if my real name is Jillian.
  2. It's just Jill.
  3. Jillians, you can spot 'em.
  4. They're the classy ones. The ones with their shit together.
  5. They probably wear pearls.
  6. Hosting elaborate charity fundraisers.
  7. Clearly, if you think my name is Jillian, you haven't met me.
  8. I spent this whole weekend in my pajamas, aside from one dinner out. I groaned audibly when I had to eschew the pajama bottoms and pull on my jeans.
  9. Jills, because they are more laid back, tend to be funny, quirky or just someone you want to be around.
  10. So, really, never assume a Jill's full name is Jillian unless she volunteers that information.
  11. It'll be better for everyone involved.
  12. PS. No offense intended towards those names Jillian.