I wasn't a crazy teenager. I've always had a healthy respect for rules, and I didn't have my first drink until I was 20. But I still did dumb stuff.
  1. Got together with my friends and took turns passing out.
    Honestly, this is what inspired the list. One person would squat down and take deep breaths then stand up really quickly. If you didn't pass out, you at least felt light headed. Everyone else stood around to catch you when you fell.
  2. Watched a lot of romantic comedies
    Definitely set unrealistic expectations for love.
  3. Let people ride in the back of my truck.
    It's legal in SC, but let's just say hijinks ensued.
  4. Thought I was fat.
    I may have been bigger than other high school girls, but I wasn't fat.
  5. Let the too-cool-for-school kids keep me from getting involved at church.
    I never went to youth group because I felt like such an outsider there. I wonder if I would've come to know Jesus sooner if I hadn't been afraid of those kids.
  6. Thought I could make the high school softball team.
    I was real bad, but I had delusions of grandeur.