1. Red Cross certified babysitter
    My going rate was $2 an hour. For real. This was a long time ago.
  2. Arby's drive through girl
    My last day I spilled a vat of ketchup on my shoes/ pants and my decision to quit was validated in a million ways.
  3. Part-time night receptionist for a Ford dealership.
    Best high school job ever. I did homework and read at the front desk, was surrounded by salesmen who were always looking for a friendly chat, and on Saturdays I grilled hot dogs and popped popcorn for the customers.
  4. Moovies employee
    A video store with a cow theme. Short lived.
  5. Movie theater box office ticket seller
    Also an awesome job. I got to see movies before they came out and could get friends and family in for free.
  6. Blockbuster employee
    Another job with awesome perks: 5 free video rentals a week and mega discount on the previously viewed stock. My room was the most popular one in my college dorm.
  7. Intern at the Bi-Lo Charity Classic
    Mostly a gopher for the auction but I got to write a scintillating description of all the many auction items (both silent AND live auction). The person who won the giant stuffed panda never picked it up, so it went home with me.
  8. Desk staff at my college residence hall
    Easy. Nothing to it.
  9. Intern at the Marketing Consortium
    This was during an economic downturn and they had absolutely nothing for me to do. So they had me researching life-sized dolls that either looked like, or could be made to look like, a bank robber. Their office was located in an old bank building and it had a vault. I never found an acceptable doll for them. I received college credit for this.
  10. Intern in University Relations
    It seemed dumb at the time to volunteer to spend my Fridays working for free, but four years later it helped me get my current position in the same office.
  11. Admissions Counselor
    I memorized a spiel about the college. I travelled the eastern seaboard giving said spiel to high school students. I read college applications until I couldn't take it any more.
  12. Publications Coordinator
    My dream job, writing copy and editing publications produced to promote my alma mater.
  13. Publications and Digital Imaging Manager
    Really no difference between this and my previous job. Same college, same office, same responsibilities. My boss just thought I earned a title change, I guess?
  14. Director of Publications and Printing
    Same responsibilities as last two jobs, but with the addition of supervisory responsibility for four and leadership of the college's on-campus print shop.