Requested by @stookie. Sisters. Friends. Cell mates in the prison of life.
  1. When I found out I was going to get a little sister.
    I was seven. I came home to find a big pink bow on the fireplace and mom said a baby was coming. I've never been more excited.
  2. When she was a baby, I used to dunk her (briefly) in the swimming pool.
    When she came up sputtering, it was the cutest thing I ever saw.
  3. When, as a small child, I made her my personal servant.
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    This was great until she figured out my schemes and then refused to continue fetching me things whenever I needed them.
  4. When I took her to see the Spice Girls in concert (her first).
  5. When I went off to college and she was always so excited for me to come home on weekends.
  6. When she went to college and we used to swap Facebook wall messages continuously and sent each other snail mail.
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  7. When we're the reading sisters on family vacations.
  8. When our parents moved to Alabama and we went to visit and discovered The Pants Store and visited the Vulcan for the first time.
  9. When we decided to take fun October trips together and I navigated the shit out of NYC, and she looked fabulous and cool the entire time.
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  10. When, on annual family beach trips, we would "beach it, Stuckey-style" by carting beach chairs to the beach and then sit there all day reading side by side while other family members came and went.
  11. When, on our second fun October trip, we got upgraded to first class on the way to Jamaica and then had to go through customs tipsy. Then spent the next three days saying "Bring me another Mai Tai" to each other.
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  12. When we decided to take excited pictures of us on all of the various modes of transportation we took on these October vacations because she was so excited about her first plane ride.
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  13. When I knew I didn't include nearly enough memories on this list to capture the essence of our relationship because I am bad at remembering, and felt like I was failing at articulating how much I loved growing up with Mandy at my side.
  14. When I realized she had suddenly grown up to become a beautiful, kind, fun-loving adult!
  15. When at most times, including this Christmas, it feels like it is the two of us against the world, even though we are 8 years apart and have two other siblings.