Requested by Luis G

Favorite Things About @luchag

  1. His eyeballs.
    Look at the majesty of that color. 👀
  2. His snapchats to me that showcase his flawless ability to rap Layfette's fastest Hamilton raps.
  3. We made a phenomenal music video to Call Me Maybe together with @Cara_duhh
    Which got over 1,000 views! (big deal to us)
  4. He's my favorite person to laugh with.
    And oh, how often we laugh when we are together.
  5. The speed with which he picked up cross stitching again after attending my tutorial.
  6. The way he defends his pronunciation of the word gif.
    And doesn't care what you think of it.
  7. His color (how he refers to his tan).
    Here he is with great color. I am looooving it.
  8. The way he believes we will be friends for 30 years.
    (Together with @amieshmamie )
  9. His sass
  10. His shimmy and facial expression dance move that looks exactly like this gif of Shaq
    Just a little slower.
  11. That he has a case of Mindy Fever
    And that I gave it to him.
  12. He loves Tina Belcher the most because both he and she are obsessed with boys and butts.
  13. He told me to watch the Flash, and I am so grateful for that.
  14. When @amieshmamie was going to give birth and was a little scared, not knowing what to expect, he made her a movie montage of badass women in film to inspire her and encourage her.
    He also made a video of all of her friends saying their funniest quotes so she could laugh.
  15. He keeps me young
    He is always teaching me phrases the young people are saying and even made YouTube videos for his channel of the experience.
  16. He is so fashionable, I can't even comprehend.
  17. When he loves something he loves it unabashedly, unapologetically, insanely, intensely loves it. This covers many things like 1D, Zayn, Chipotle, etc.
    I'm still disappointed I didn't buy him this shirt which covers both his love for Chipotle and his love for tank tops.
  18. His ability to rock a bow tie.
  19. I've known him since he was a little guy.
  20. His Halloween game is strong.
    This is a gif of him in costume last Halloween. I was honored to lose the costume contest for the first time in many years to this beautiful creation.
  21. I could keep going forever, but I got some stuff I need to do.
  22. I mean, mostly he's just an all-around hilarious person, and you should all follow him. @luchag
    These are my two favorite lists of his. 1:AWKWARD QUESTIONS TO ANSWER AT THE DOCTOR AS A SINGLE MILLENNIAL 2:DIFFERENT WAYS TO ROCK A GOWN AT THE DOCTORS But he has other great lists not about going to the doctor.
  23. Also check out the great list he wrote about me. MY FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT @JUSTJILLS