It's been quite the assault on my nasal passages of late.
  1. Gasoline spilled on my hands while refilling weedeater.
    Washed it off.
  2. Garbage disposal
    Dropped a Lemon-scented garbage disposal cleaning pellet down the drain and ground it up
  3. Clean Linen scented carpet deodorizer
    Did nothing. While I'm not a fan of fake scents like that, it is better than UTI-infected dog urine.
  4. UTI-infected dog urine in my carpet
    First tried carpet cleaner. Did not work. Sprinkled baking soda heavily on affected area and left it for 18 hours. Vacuumed it up. Mostly better. Sprinkled Clean Linen carpet deodorizer over affected area. Vacuumed that up. No longer smells like UTI-infected dog urine but the slightly better Clean Linen carpet deodorizer.
  5. Vomit, not mine but a stomach-full that I cleaned up
    Sprinkled baking soda on the bare mattress after putting sheets in washing machine, and opened the window to let fresh air do it's job.