Requested by Lisa

Genie stuffs I have in my house, currently.

This is my grown-up, mostly adult house. For more information on my love of the Genie, see this list: REASONS THE GENIE FROM ALADDIN WILL ALWAYS BE MY NUMBER ONE
  1. This framed still.
    In my bathroom.
  2. This mug that I use as a toothbrush holder.
    Also in my bathroom.
  3. This mug that I use as a bookend on my bookcase.
  4. This lamp that my talented older sister made for me during the height of my Genie era.
    It has different forms of the Genie painted on the shade, and the base is an empty glass one that is full of toy genies. It now sits on a shelf above my kitchen cabinets.
  5. This cup that I drink out of.
    Though @amieshmamie gave it to me rather recently. It wasn't part of my original collection.
  6. Two beach towels.
    This one is rarely used so that its color and vibrancy is barely diminished even after 20+ years. The second one was so well used it recently got demoted to the rag box.
  7. Tote bag.
    This bag is my favorite and it developed two rather large holes in it last weekend. Taking it to my sister tomorrow and praying she can savage him.
  8. This pillow.
    Admittedly, he's been in a closet since I moved here.
  9. This guy.
    He's about four inches tall and stuffed.
  10. This bad ass trading pin that I love.
    @nikkilounoel sent it to me as a New Year's present and I got it today!!
  11. This original portrait of the Genie that is also personalized so that the Genie is speaking directly to my soul, imparting punny and inspirational life advice onto me.
    Another New Year's present from @nikkilounoel that will be framed and hung in my hallway forthwith. I have the perfect spot.
  12. Everything else is in the attic.