Yes, I live a life of (mostly) leisure.
  1. Finish my latest crossstitch
    A gift for @classyAF
  2. Read two books
    The 3rd book in the Throne of Glass series and The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper
  3. Finish season 2 of Parenthood
    Damn those Bravermans always making me cry.
  4. Mow my effing relentless lawn.
    Probably will only have to mow about three million more times this season.
  5. Take my nieces and nephew swimming one last time.
    My favorite people to swim with, tbh
  6. Figure out a game plan for healthy eating so that I can attempt to lose weight. (again)
    This is my life.
  7. Get back into more regular listing.
    Need some inspiration to strike on this one.
  8. Not think about work.
    Even though I kick ass as evidenced here: WAYS IN WHICH I KICKED ASS TODAY