Deciding what to binge is an important decision, and I could use your help.
  1. Fargo
    I hear it's pretty critically acclaimed and the first season just recently came to Hulu.
  2. Arrow
    Just finished the Flash and the two seem to cross over a bunch. Would be helpful to understand both worlds, but Arrow seems really violent.
  3. Jessica Jones
    Seems like people are talking about it.
  4. Parenthood
    I tried the first couple episodes when it aired and couldn't get into it. Now it seems like a lot of people I love love it, which makes me feel like I need to give it a second chance.
  5. Justified
    I've heard good things about Mr. Olyphant.
  6. West Wing (redeux)
    I've watched it before, but it's been awhile. I've seen so many on the List App talking about it, it's making me want to rewatch.
  7. Other suggestions?