1. I've stopped using my words.
  2. Now I take the phone out of his/her hands.
  3. I download the Amazon Prime Music app on the phone.
  4. I shove the phone back in his/her hands and demand he/she enters his/her Amazon Prime password.
    So far, each person I've done this with has already had Amazon prime.
  5. I download the Hamilton soundtrack and set it up as a playlist.
    This is free with Amazon Prime!
  6. I make sure the cellular data is turned off so they don't accidentally burn data when they listen to it.
    Because I'm courteous.
  7. I exit the app, hand the phone to the person, watch over his/her shoulder while he/she recognizes the new app, clicks it and open the Hamilton playlist.
    Just to make sure they can handle it when I'm not around.
  8. I usually ask permission, and it's really not as violent as it maybe sounds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. ▪️I am not sponsored by Amazon Prime.▪️