1. It starts with song choice.
    Gage the crowd and go with something you think they'll enjoy. Consider a 90s throwback. Do NOT choose a slow song.
  2. Force the crowd to make eye contact with you early on.
    It makes them more invested in your performance. Sing to them with your eyes and your heart.
  3. Work the stage, and if possible, the whole floor.
    If you have a wireless mic, go out amongst the people. It's impressive when you don't have to stand in one place staring at the words, and it's not something everyone does.
  4. If you flub a word, act like you didn't.
    They probably didn't catch it.
  5. Use musical interludes to show off your moves.
    This is what the people want. Plus, it keeps you from getting bored.
  6. If appropriate for the song choice, start clapping, using big arm movements, directly over your head.
    Using the big arm movements and clapping above your head indicates to the crowd that you'd like them to join in.
  7. If appropriate for the song choice, start full body swaying, lifting your arms above your head.
  8. If, by now, you have them involved, and they're singing along, point the mic at the crowd during the most memorable line of the chorus.
    This will make them go into a singing frenzy, especially if they are properly invested in your performance.
  9. As the song ends and the clapping thunders throughout the room, take a bow and dance off stage.
    Always leave them wanting more.