1. Gather a large group of people. You need a minimum of about 20.
  2. You need an area that is large and flat. Gyms work great.
  3. The people can be of any size or age, but older children, teenagers or young adults work best. Adults tend to avoid sacrificing their bod for the cause.
  4. Break them into teams of at least four people per team. You want at least 5 or 6 teams. Teams can be bigger if you've got a bigger crowd.
  5. Gather your supplies: flat scooters, rope, laundry baskets, and either balloons or colorful, large balls.
  6. Our group made our own scooters so they could be the size we wanted. Just nail a frame of 2x4s together and add wheels to the bottom.
  7. Tie a rope to the back of the scooter.
  8. The hippos all get on their scooters, laying stomach down and are handed a basket. The pushers stand on either side of the hippo. The pullers take the rope.
  9. Each team needs a hippo, a puller, and two pushers. If teams are bigger, people can switch out roles as the game goes on.
  10. Release the balloons/balls in the middle of the floor.
  11. When the referee whistles or announces the start of the game, the pushers send the hippos out onto the floor amongst the balloons/balls.
  12. This part is chaotic.
  13. The hippo attempts to capture as many balloons/balls with the laundry basket before the puller pulls the rope to bring them back to the team.
  14. As soon as the balloons/balls are brought back to the team, the pushers send the hippo back out again to collect more balls. Then the puller reels the hippo back in again.
  15. This repeats until all balloons/balls are collected by the various teams.
  16. Count the balloons/balls that each team has collected. The team with the most balloons/balls wins!
  17. Congratulations! You were the Hungriest Hippo!