Disclaimer: I am no expert. I just Googled some stuff and dove right in a week ago. I haven't even finished my first project. @marcikm or @blisssara might need to add and/or clarify.
  1. ✂️Supplies You'll Need ✂️
  2. A pattern
    I think the best ones are bought as downloads from Etsy.
  3. Thread
    The pattern will tell you what colors. Take it to the local craft store and match the numbers. Mine are already all a mess and I probably should spend some time organizing them.
  4. Hoop
    Mine is plastic and 6 or 7 inches in diameter. I like the size so far.
  5. Needles
    I had no idea what I was doing and bought size 24. They seem to be working out fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Sharp scissors
    I bought some in the cross stitching aisle that are tiny and cute. But I'm sure any scissors will work.
  7. Aida Fabric
    Usually the pattern specifies the size. Mine is 14 count.
  8. ✂️ Getting Started✂️
  9. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and width wise (this will help you find the center when you're ready to start sewing).
  10. Open the hoop. Lay the small hoop down. Put the fabric on top and then the big hoop on top of that and close it.
  11. Cut a length of thread that is about the length of your hand to your elbow. The thread strand comes with six threads in it. Most patterns call for using two threads at once. So pull two threads away from the group and thread the needle with them (press them back together before you thread the needle). Tie a knot in the other end.
  12. ✂️Sewing ✂️
  13. A good place to start is the middle of the fabric. Count the spaces from the middle. Take the needle from the front to the back, a few spaces above where you'll be cross stitching. The knot will show on the front. After you finish with that thread, you will cut the knot, but the thread will be covered in stitches on the back, so it won't fall out.
    This was the easiest method I found for getting started. There is probably a more correct way.
  14. Do a row of stitches that go from top left to bottom right. You'll have a bunch of diagonal lines. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Follow the pattern by counting the spaces and/or stitches on the pattern and comparing it to your fabric.
  15. When you get to the end of the row, go back and do the opposite, so top right to bottom left. Now you have a row of cross stitches. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  16. When you've finished with that thread (either because you've used it all or because you need to switch colors), run the needle though the stitches on the back side to secure it. Then cut it.
  17. That's the basics! Happy stitching!