1. People who are good swimmers/were on a swim team as a kid
  2. People who read a lot
  3. People who have a dependence on Diet Coke.
  4. People who were obsessed with/can quote the Office.
  5. Atlanta Braves fans of the 90s.
  6. Mindy Kaling
  7. Harry Potter nerds⚡️
  8. People who struggle with weight loss attempts.
  9. Teenagers
  10. Adults who work with teenagers
  11. Women who are five years older than me or five years younger than me (or multiples of five)
    Being born in a 0 year or a 5 year makes for easy multiplication
  12. People who have family members with Down Syndrome
  13. People who went to Winthrop
  14. The third of four siblings
  15. People who like to drive
  16. Single, independent females
  17. People who've heard of Effingham, Illinois
  18. People who enjoy red wine but don't know much about it
  19. People who enjoy beer but don't know much about it
  20. People who grew up in Irmo, South Carolina or Simpsonville, South Carolina
  21. Women who played softball as girls but especially if they were spectacularly bad at it
  22. People who test as Golds in the True Colors personality test
    Who run the world? Golds.
  23. People who like to write snail mail letters
  24. People who love to jump waves or sit on the beach reading all day
  25. People who go to bed before 10:30
  26. Fans of Girl Scout Tagalongs or Peanut Butter Patties