Inspired by @nikkilounoel and @amieshmamie among others. This was meant to be a general list, but I've found myself trying so many of these the past few days.
  1. I drink water.
  2. I clean the shit out of something. (Not literal shit, though).
  3. I listen to Hamilton or the podcast about Hamilton, "Room Where It's Happening".
  4. I eat a burrito from Moe's.
  5. I get a quality hug from a close friend or family member.
  6. When I check something off my list.
  7. When I stay away from Facebook.
  8. I talk it out with people who understand.
  9. I drink a half a bottle of wine.
  10. I leave work.
  11. I put my hair up.
  12. I'm freshly showered.
  13. I've vacuumed.
  14. I sleep through the night.