I know you all know that @nikkilounoel is a wonderful person, but did you know she is also the most spectacular pen pal??
  1. A few months ago @nikkilounoel asked if anyone wanted to be pen pals, and I jumped at the chance.
    I love snail mail, and I sent her a card pretty quickly.
  2. I waited patiently for my return snail mail.
    Every couple of weeks @nikkilounoel would LR me and apologize for being tardy with it, and I told her not to worry. I knew it would brighten my day no matter when I got it.
    Honestly, I thought it was something I'd ordered yesterday.
  4. BUT THEN I OPENED IT!! 💥🎉💥🎉
    And it was not what I had ordered, but all of this amazing stuff! Each of which she saw in a store, and each made her think of me.
  5. A plate for my plate wall!
    It was all wrapped up to protect it, but once I picked it up, I knew immediately it was for my plate wall, before I even unwrapped it.
  6. This amazingly awesome HP Tervis Tumbler!
    I've been wanting to buy a Tervis because I've been drinking so much ice water, and I've been really fed up with my cups sweating. And it's the coolest one I've ever seen! I could not stop exclaiming over it!
  7. This awesome book!
    I LOVE Jennifer Weiner! This is my favorite of her books, but I've only read it once years ago. I don't own it, though, so I'm excited to call it mine!
  8. Not one, but TWO mix CDs!
    One is 19 of her favorite songs, and I know practically none of them. I'm so excited to listen to it and expand my musicality. The other is 18 of her favorite country songs, and I love country music!
  9. This cute card with a nice message in her lovely handwriting!
    I've been having a rough couple of days, but this package completely turned that around. 😜
  10. The most amazing letter!
    This is literally the best part. It is funny and personable and just shows how much @nikkilounoel pays attention and cares about the people on li.st (and me).
  11. Oh yeah, and she also included a card and CDs for @amieshmamie
    Because she's just a sweetheart like that. But I didn't open these.
  12. Thank you so much @nikkilounoel ! I could not stop squealing and exclaiming as I pulled each thing out of the box.
    The squealing and exclaiming then continued as I had an impromptu photo shoot so I could make this list. You can ask my sister @stookie who had to listen to all the squealing and exclaiming.
  13. I owe you.
    You're the best. Return snail mail coming your way soon.