Keri Russell Appreciation List 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  1. As a teenager heading to college, she set a high bar for me in the love and hair departments as Felicity.
    Her character is relatable, earnest, logical and dogged in her pursuit of love. Her college experience and my college experience were intricately linked.
  2. She's also in one of my favorite movies: Waitress.
    Her character transitions from being this controlled, squashed-down housewife without love in her life to an independent woman who is bursting with love and pursues her passions.
  3. And this summer I've been watching her kick ass in The Americans.
    Her character is incredibly smart, incredibly manipulative, incredibly calculating. She is absolutely fascinating to watch.
  4. She's beautiful, but not in a super intimidating way.
  5. Anyway, I'm glad she survived the Great Hair Chop of 1999.
  6. And went on to have such a great career.
  7. Thank you, Keri Russell.
    You're the best.