Li.St Meetup: Carolinas Edition

  1. We came from all directions to meet in Spartanburg.
    The yellow star is @kate81 , the blue star is @jhope71 , the orange star is @amieshmamie , the green star is me and the pink star is where we met. @k8zinker came from off the map altogether.
  2. After introductions and hugs, we took care of business and selfied at the table. 🤳
    Please note: li.stbet was in attendance at our ladies meetup @solena
  3. @k8zinker 's daughter Ellie immediately started engineering a chair for li.stbet.
  4. Which turned out pretty successful.
    She reclined in style all evening.
  5. Li.stbet showed us her journey across America, from San Francisco to D.C. To Charlotte and then we told her how @k8zinker was going to take her to Ohio.
  6. After dinner, everyone took turns pretending to be @amieshmamie
  7. All in all, a lovely evening with these ladies.
  8. Goodnight from South Carolina!