Mandy's I Do Crew

Memorial Day weekend we had a kick-A bachelorette beach weekend for my little sister, @stookie. Feast your eyes upon its glory.
  1. Each girl received a SWAG bag upon checking into her room.
  2. In each bag were two branded water bottles,
  3. And a pair of gold metallic sunglasses,
  4. A beach tote,
  5. And a temporary tattoo
    That either said "I Do Crew"
  6. Or "Bride"
    As applicable
  7. We also had branded champagne bottles.
    (Branded in the case of the champagne bottles and water bottles means I removed their labels and stuck stickers I had printed on them)
  8. We cleaned up real nice the first night.
  9. And went out for Italian food.
  10. And I made tacos at the beach house the second night for a more casual evening.
  11. We stayed in a house with a pool in the back yard.
  12. Some people enjoyed the pool.
    (Oh yeah, I made a Snapchat geofilter and custom Snapchat story for the weekend that was put to good use.)
  13. But we mostly hung out on the beach all day
  14. And partied all night. 👰🏽
  15. And the next night.
  16. In the end, my sister felt the love, which was my goal for the weekend.
  17. Here she is giving the love back to me.