I've worked for her for 11 years, but these are the conversations I find myself thing about randomly on a semi-regular basis.
  1. When I turned 29 she said, "Well, Jill, is there anything you want to do before you turn 30? You better get started." (paraphrased)
    I responded that I wanted to go skydiving, which got me to start researching it, which inspired me to lose weight so I would be under the weight limit. I lost more than 90 pounds that year.
  2. During a performance review she told me I needed to be challenged more so she was going to look for something new for me.
    A month later I was put in charge of three people and a half a million dollar yearly budget as the interim head of a department in a field that I knew very little about. It was definitely a challenge.
  3. One time out of the blue she asked me if I had considered volunteering for Habitat for Humanity so that I could find a man to date.
    I don't talk about my (lack of) dating life ever.