I, too, am a middle sister. This line of wines draws me in with its labels.
  1. Static
    I'm the epitome of a smarty pants.
  2. Static
    Not a hippie but I like the sound of forever cool.
  3. Static
    I'm definitely a good two-shoes. 👠👠
  4. Static
    I don't surf, but I endorse the ocean and all the surfer vibes. 🏊🏼
  5. Static
    Maybe more sassy than sweet.
  6. Static
    I don't cause the drama, but I like to know all about it. 🗣👂🏽
  7. Static
    Bless my heart.
  8. Static
    I like this middle sister's style, but I'm not sure "wild" is my aesthetic.
  9. Static
    I'm not super clear as to what "wicked" refers to, but it sounds too cool for me.
  10. Static
    I cause virtually no mischief.
  11. Static
    I do not rebel easily.