Requested by Brett 7


As a kid growing up, I was a huge Braves baseball fan. After college, my friend and I decided to attempt to visit all 30 MLB stadiums, but living in the Southeast means traveling a ways to get to most stadiums and that makes progress slow.
  1. Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Atlanta Braves
    Attended many a game here, even one World Series game.
  2. Turner Field, Atlanta Braves
    I loved Atlanta Fulton County, but man what an upgrade the Braves fans got with Turner Field. My favorite part is this giant picture of Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run ball in the main concourse.
  3. The Kingdome, Seattle Mariners
    Attending a game here when I was in 9th grade planted the seed to visit all 30 stadiums. But I'm going so slowly that some stadiums, like this one, have been torn down and replaced. So I'm faced with the dilemma of do I repeat some cities/teams in order to hit all stadiums? Answer is likely to be no.
  4. Ameriquest Field, Texas Rangers
    This ballpark had the best fireworks display I'd ever seen but also the worst traffic leaving the game.
  5. Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros
    The roof was on. Saw Roger Clemens pitch. Walked back to our hotel. Loved all of that.
  6. Camden Yards, Baltimore Orioles
    It was blazing hot. That's about all I remember.
  7. Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
    It was only two years old when I went and fairly impressive. I especially enjoyed the Memory Lane area that was behind center field with a bunch of Phillies history.
  8. Ballparks I've toured or wandered around outside of, but never seen a game in: Wrigley Field (Cubs), new Yankee Stadium (Yankees), PNC Park (Pirates)