We have a lot of meetings here. Sometimes we have meetings to discuss what we'll meet about in the next meeting. We call those pre-meeting meetings, because we are geniuses.
  1. 2 pm
    I, personally, hate the 2 o'clock meeting because I'm a late luncher, and I have to rush back to make it. Most people seem to love it. Though if you want to have everyone attend at this most popular of times, you need to either book weeks in advance or be a very important person. Or both.
  2. 10 am
    Most popular meeting time is almost a toss up between the 10 am slot and the 2 pm slot. Keep your chin up, you're a very close second, 10 am.
  3. 3 pm
    A respectable next choice of everyone is busy at 10 and 2. Still gets you out before the work day ends so it's 👌🏼in my book.
  4. 3:30 pm
    A meeting on the half hour is tough because it cuts down on your opportunity to attend a 3 pm and/or 4 pm meeting. However, since people rarely schedule 4 o'clock meetings, it usually works out.
  5. 9:30 am
    The 9:30 is especially popular for quickies or pre-meeting meetings for your 10 am.
  6. 9 am
    A 9 am meeting means you've got to get in to work on time, get your shit settled and have your water cooler talk handled in a short amount of time. It puts a lot of pressure on a day. Personally, my cognitive processes don't fire at full speed at this hour so I dislike a 9 am meeting.
  7. 4 pm
    There's a lot of pressure on a 4 pm meeting, too, because everyone is watching the clock. No one wants to be stuck in a meeting past 5, so if you schedule a 4 pm meeting, you better make it quick.
  8. 1 pm
    Most people try not to infringe on a lunch hour, but if they feel like infringing on a lunch hour, a 1 pm meeting is scheduled. It's always the later lunchers who get the short shift (literally). Seems like a selfish move to me. Let's make a deal. I won't schedule meetings during your noon lunch, and you back up off my 1 pm lunch. K?
  9. 4:30 p.m.
    Too close to the end of the day. Pisses me off when they're scheduled.