Inspired by @supercommonname I say"loosely" because I enjoyed all of them, except for the last two. Also including an emoji scale to denote how much I cried.
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    The Space Between Us 😢
    I was expecting something like the Martian. I had no idea it was a teen romance. It was, thankfully, free for me.
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    Finding Dory 😢
    Too much Dory to sustain a movie.
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    A Man Called Ove😢
    If you liked the book, the movie is spot on.
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    Fun! Funny!
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    Manchester By the Sea😢
    Great acting. Good movie. Just can't be higher because it's so, so sad.
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    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (x2)
    So good, but just not up to my wizarding world standards. Too many plots. The obscura thing that is apparently a thing in the wizarding world, yet we're just now hearing about it? The 2nd Salem kids that seem as if they are being molested in secret? No thanks. Fun to see how adult wizards/American wizards/wizards in the 1920s lived, though.
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    These ladies (plus the surprisingly hilarious Hemsworth) killed it.
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    Rogue One 😢😢
    Honestly, not nearly as good as last year's The Force Awakens, but still so, so good. Love the tack they're taking of putting BA women front and center in these new films. Sobbed at the end because seeing young Princess Leia two days after Carrie Fisher's death caught me by surprise.
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    Moana 😢😢😢
    Lin-Manuel Miranda's music, set in Polynesia with a Kick-A girl heroine who doesn't need saving and isn't waiting for Mr. Right? Perfect. I cried throughout the whole movie because of all of the female empowerment.