1. January
    A second Christmas with my Charlotte nieces and nephew
  2. February
    Visited @tcdavis1 in Atlanta with @Cara_duhh.
  3. March
    Got to cheer my brother as he ran his first marathon.
  4. April
    Took my niece and nephew to the Quidditch World Cup. An awesome day.
  5. May
    Celebrated @amieshmamie and mine's neighboring milestone birthdays with a perfect twinkle-light lit birthday dinner party.
  6. June
    Started the month with a week at the beach and another trip to ATL. Ended with a great weekend visit from my adorable out-of-town niece and nephew. (Pictured)
  7. July
    Visited Illinois to see my favorite cousins with @stookie
  8. August
    Another chance to be a counselor at Camp Horizon, a truly unique sleep away camp for children ages 12-17 with Down Syndrome. @Cara_duhh joined me this year!
  9. September
    A new school year means kicking off our student LifeGroup once again. Love hanging out with these teenagers.
  10. October
    Halloween 2015=Trivia Crack costume
  11. November
    My university was home to the democratic candidates forum. I was an usher and it was an incredibly interesting experience for a non-politico.
  12. December
    Home for the holidays with my pup, Bonnie