Found this in the attic a couple of weeks ago. Why did I have an eraser collection? Why did I keep it for 30 years? Why did I list about it ? All good questions for which I have no answers. The second of a two-part series featuring stuff I found in my attic: STUFFED ANIMALS AND DOLLS OF MY CHILDHOOD
  1. My favorite.
  2. One of the coolest.
  3. I was a big Garfield fan in the 80s
  4. Told ya.
  5. Rubik's cube
  6. Of course I had cabbage patch erasers
  7. The printing' rubbing off, but they once were Sunkist bottle tops.
  8. Ewoks!
  9. One of the Emperor's guard from Star Wars
  10. Everyone in the 80s had an eraser like this, right?
  11. For your seasonal erasing needs.
  12. If you're wondering this a backpocket on a pair of jeans.
  13. Assorted alphabet erasers
  14. Still smells like grapes
  15. Just regular
  16. This must've been my brother's originally.
  17. This one used to be a car, but I stapled it a few times and poked it with a pencil a bunch of times. No idea why.
  18. And so begins what appears to be a sub-collection of Jesus-themed erasers