1. Sometimes an individual strand of my hair comes out.
  2. Or a fingernail rips off.
  3. And falls to the ground.
  4. It happens to everyone.
  5. It's concerning for me when it happens in a public place.
  6. Because what if there's a crime there later?
  7. And CSI finds this DNA that I casually left behind.
  8. And runs it back at the lab.
  9. And comes up with me as a match.
  10. Even though I don't have a criminal record, so I'm pretty sure they don't have my DNA on file.
  11. So, suddenly, I become a prime suspect in the investigation of a violent crime.
  12. And being interrogated by police would make me really nervous.
  13. Which might make me seem even more guilty.
  14. In addition to the DNA evidence they have because I accidentally left a hair behind.