Happy, happy Friday! It's here!! And all the way from San Francisco!! And sent by one of my favorite listers, @dreadpiratemama !!
  1. Here's the whole haul!
  2. Now let's break it down so you can see everything that is making me smile so much!
  3. Postcards from towns close by
    San Francisco is one of my top places I want to visit! These will go up on my bulletin board so I can dream of making it there one day!
  4. A sticker from Half Moon Bay
    A beach town just 8 miles from her, that she described in her letter, which made me want to go there!
  5. San Francisco magnets
    To celebrate my love of Full House! (Note the row houses on the bottom right) Having just finished season 2 of Fuller House, I'm in prime San Francisco appreciation now! (PS I love magnets from cool places.)
  6. Two mix cds
    A driving mix and a Christmas mix! I can't wait to listen to them!
  7. Three cute (and thorough) beer journals!
    I've already put the first one in my purse. I've been getting more and more adventurous with my beer ordering this year, thanks to some breweries that opened nearby and a local taphouse I love. Now I can keep track of what I'm tasting!
  8. This Harry Potter postcard coloring book
    Guess who's going to get a Harry Potter postcard thank you?!?
  9. Look at the dreamy quality of Mr. Severus Snape in the HP coloring book.
  10. This most beautiful edition of Emma
    This picture's not doing this book's prettiness justice. Also, so many of the gifts had these cute little notes on them like the one pictured here!
  11. The Admissions
    A book from her own bookshelf set in her corner of the world! I haven't read it, but I'm excited to. (Did you know I used to work in college admissions?)
  12. A lovely card
    Including a description of the gifts, a list of her favorite lists of mine (thank you!) and hints as to her identity! (I had a hunch my secret Santa might've been @dreadpiratemama when you liked a couple of my old lists during secret Santa notification weekend; I was able to confirm from the enclosed clues 😉.)
  13. An ornament made by her 3-year-old son!
    It's already on my tree and will make me think of you and your family for years to come!
  14. Lindt truffles
    I've never had them, but @dreadpiratemama says they're her favorite, so that's exciting!
  15. A Hamilton cross stitch pattern featuring all of the characters!
    I am ridiculously excited about this. I just finished a cross stitch and was at a loss for what to do next. Plus, all of the characters are so cute!
  16. Seriously, this was the greatest Christmas surprise ever! Everything was chosen with such care! Thank you so so much @dreadpiratemama !! If you ever fly to NC to see your family, please let's meetup!
  17. And thank you to @DawnCloud for masterminding the whole thing. All of list owes you a debt of gratitude!