Timehop reminds me that five years ago today I jumped out of airplane on Mother's Day. Best experience ever! (Doing it on Mother's Day, not required or, really, recommended.)
  1. @amieshmamie got to join me at the last minute for free!
  2. My strategy in the weeks leading up to the jump was to just not think about it. Then the day of, I had nothing but abundant excitement.
  3. Amie was slightly more nervous.
  4. I loved every second of it.
  5. Even when I found it hard to breathe.
  6. But really, I loved it.
  7. @amieshmamie did not love the free fall as much as she loved the peaceful parachuting part.
  8. Best thing I ever did.
  9. I could not stop smiling.
  10. We were deliriously happy when we were back on the ground. Endorphins are a real thing.
  11. An unforgettable day.